5 more ways editors add value to your book

Editors refine your text into a readable book. We are the bloodhounds on the trail of spelling errors, word fillers, date/time/number inconsistencies and incorrect punctuation. Here are five more ways that editors add value to your book.

The 3 levels of editing

The first expert to help your book through its lifecycle to publishing stage is an editor. Your editor will probably be the first person to read your book through in its entirety. There are three levels of editing. They are known as substantive, copyediting and proofreading.

The 3 publishing options you should consider, and one you should not

There are three types of publishing options you need to consider: traditional, custom publishers and where you can do it yourself.

6 essential inserts your book cannot do without (and 7 optional ones)

A book needs more than just text. It needs front and back matter to make it easy for the reader to find information (this applies to fiction and non-fiction). You will need to add at least some of the following to the text files you send to the publisher.

8 indispensable book marketing tools

When you have written your book and got a real live copy in the hand, don’t be afraid to boast shamelessly about it. It’s called marketing, and you’ll now have to do it to promote it, your brand, your ideas and most of all, you.

How to sell your book online

When you have written your book and sent it to the publisher, if you haven’t done so already, immediately develop and launch a website. Set up social media accounts and a Paypal site.

Blogging for authors: the whys and hows

A blog is a ‘web-log’, an article of about 300 to 2000 words that appears on the internet. The advantages of blogging are almost too numerous to name in a book this size. However, the advantages for your book are, if you embed keywords in the blog, you will rank higher in internet search engines (that is, people will find your book online more easily), generating more sales.

Manuscript to Market: the lifecycle of getting your book into print

My book, Manuscript to Market: the life cycle of getting your book into print, is an easy-to-read guide on the book publishing process, from writing and collating your book into a readable and engaging text, to choosing which type of publishing option you prefer. I also provide advice on the multiple marketing channels you can use to promote your book. And it will be launched at the end of this month

4 ways editors add value to your book

Editors are an author’s best friend. We refine text to make it even better. We add value to your ideas, your story, your IP, your family history, in fact whatever it is that you have written and want published.

The challenge: write your own book!

There really is only one reason why people still continue to write and publish books. It’s because the author is an expert. If you feel deep within your inner being that you need to write a book, it’s because you have something to say that others don’t know, but need to know. It will be your own unique experience, your own individual insights. In other words, you’re the expert in whatever subject your book is about.

The proven guide to running a successful book launch

There are a few essentials you need for a book launch. First of all, line up a venue

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