5 powerfully proven reasons to write a business book

Writing your own book is the best way to promote you and your business. Here are five reason why you should be writing you own business book and tips on how easy it is to do.

5 powerful proven reasons to write a business book

 A business book will promote you and your business in five ways. It will record your knowledge, educate your reader, promote your expertise, be a giveaway product and is an essential item of thought leaders.

The publishing you should never ever consider!

You may hear the term ‘vanity publishing’. This was a perjorative term coined in the nineteenth century when some printers offered – for a hefty sum – to publish books with no regard for the quality of content. The advent of the digital age has changed the meaning of the term somewhat. Self-publishers do exactly that – publish without regard to content because you, the author, are responsible for that. However, there are unscrupulous publishers that make huge sales and promotional offers. Their trick is to offer you a 50/50 deal. You each put in 50% of the funding and get 50% of the sales return. Sounds OK, doesn’t it? Read on.

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