Book Editing

You’ve written a book, or are thinking of writing one.

Does the process seem daunting? Do you know how to begin? What about publishing it?

What I do for you

You need someone who can offer professional advice, from chapter planning, to publishing and marketing. I have assisted numerous writers with planning and editing books, from fantasy fiction to books on business.

I have worked in the self-publishing sector and can offer advice on who to send your book to and how much you will need to spend on the process. I can also offer suggestions on how to market your book.

How do I do it?

There are three levels of editing.

1 Substantive editing

I am involved from the outset, advising you, the writer, on how you can improve your work. The aim is to eliminate anything that stops the reader from reading. I will:

  • identify the readership so that the text, the form and the language are appropriate. 
  • ensure consistency in tone and writing style, while still retaining the author’s style
  • identify whether any major rewriting is required, including rearranging, expanding or summarising of sections.
  • make sure the document contains appropriate headings. 
  • ensure that all information and arguments are presented clearly and unambiguously.
  • delete unnecessary repetition, redundancies, wordiness, triteness, and inappropriate jargon.
  • improve awkward phrasing.
  • check where possible that the document title and all headings accurately reflect the contents, and that tables, figures and other illustrative material are accurate, clearly placed and appropriate.

2 Copyediting

I check the text in order to present it in a readable format to the publisher. (I will follow a style guide if one is provided.) It does not involve significant rewriting or restructuring. I will check for:

  • correct and appropriate grammar, syntax, spelling, punctuation and clarity of expression, including some rewording of sentences to ensure that the meaning is clear. 
  • consistency in language and structural parallelism, terms used, spelling, capitalisation, hyphenation, abbreviations, expression of numbers and quantitative data and references. 
  • consistent and appropriate format in terms of typography, heading hierarchy, page layout, figures, tables and captions.
  • accuracy of dates, model numbers, quotations and hypertext links
  • accuracy of cross-references within text, between text and the figures, and between lists of contents and the body of the document.
  • alerting the author to lack of acknowledgement of sources and that copyright law may have been breached.

3 Proofreading

This process takes place just before publication or printing. I cannot offer writing advice at this stage but will check:

  • that the document is complete, including the body of document (abstract/summary, text, tables, illustrative material, labels and captions, footnotes and endnotes) and the end matter (appendixes, lists of abbreviations and symbols, glossary, references/bibliography, index).
  • headings, pagination, figures and tables against lists of contents. 
  • spelling, typographical or punctuation errors.
  • terminology, spelling, hyphenation, capitalisation, abbreviations, acronyms and italics.
  • heading hierarchies. 
  • style of numbers, dates, percentages, symbols and equations.
  • appropriate word breaks at ends of lines.
  • accurate cross-referencing.
  • page layout, including type specifications, that tables are not split unnecessarily, and that alignment, spacing and bold type are correct.

If your book is ready to be edited, let me know if you want an appraisal (overview) or editing ready for publication. Send me your text in full so I can price according to page length and hours.

If it is still in your head, a one-hour meeting with you will give a productive overview of the work involved. I can organise the content to encourage you to start writing!

Payment options include more than one revision, publishing advice (however, with no guarantee that publishers will accept it) and marketing advice on the published book.

For more information regarding my book editing services, please feel free to contact me.

Need more information?

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