About Us

Creative Text Solutions inspires and connects people through the written word. 

As an accredited editor with the Institute of Professional Editors, Australia, I have the knowledge and skills to connect you and your clients via books, blogs, newsletters, brochures, articles etc. 

My previous work as a musician has given me a sharp ear for the rhythm, flow and voice of a text. Creative Text Solutions was established in 2012 to assist business owners, authors and writers to communicate better via the written word.

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Here is a short summary of my activities:


  • Published my first book, Manuscript to Market: the lifecycle of getting your book into print. It unpacks the writing, editing, publishing process of writing a book, from out of the mind and into the hand. Click here to order a copy.
  • City Kid shortlisted for inaugural IPEd Rosanne Fitzgibbon Award.


  • Passed UC Berkeley Indexing Theory and Practice course.


  • Edited and brought to publication City Kid by Lola Russell, the memoirs of a lady who lives in the oldest house in Melbourne's CBD.
  • On Editors Victoria Communications committee.


2013 - Present


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