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What to give Mum for Mother's Day

Older generations have lived extraordinary ‘ordinary’ lives. Our elders, particularly our mothers, have contributed so much to our lives, our schools, our communities. One way our society can honour them is to listen to their lives. If you don’t know what to get your mum for Mother’s Day, why not hire a life storyteller? We ask the questions family members don’t think of and it will save you time. Your mother will have the present of a lifetime – her lifetime – and leave her legacy after she has gone.

Are you resilient or courageous?

Are you resilient or courageous? What's the difference and does it matter? How you define yourself will make a difference to your future. When humans say we are resilient, we are basically saying that we stood in one spot and somehow survived the disaster. Courage is a choice. Resilience is a condition. Courage is an act of faith, of inner strength.

Editing lessons I have learned from tradies #11

It is sometimes hard to stand outside your own writing and read it impartially. Getting an editor to cast her or his eye over your words and images could save you much embarrassment.

Editing lessons I have learned from tradies #10

The rules of writing – spelling, grammar and punctuation – are vital if your writing is to survive. You don’t need to morph into a grammar Nazi or a spelling pedant but your writing must follow the rules of the language you are writing in so that you can be understood, your message is clear and that your readers feel respected.

Editing lessons I have learned from tradies #9

Readers feel cheated somehow if they feel that they have been misled. All writing, from a book to a brochure, leads to an outcome. Having a clear goal or outcome in mind before beginning to write will ensure that your writing stays on track and that your reader is satisfied and anticipating with enthusiasm what you write next.


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