Copywriting Services

Good copy will describe your business well—great copy will deliver copywriting that sells!

You can describe what your business does, its best features, your wonderful staff, the latest time-saving, life-saving product. But if your words don’t resonate with the client, they won’t buy.

Remember: facts tell, stories sell.
Let us tell your story so you stand out from the crowd.

What we can do for you

Creative Text Solutions is a freelance web-based writing service based in Melbourne, Australia. Whether you are advertising, need a brochure, want a marketing article or a blog with SEO words, we offer professional creative copywriting services online. 

We have years of experience as a copywriter writing content on the internet, from blogs to blurbs. We want to make you sound great!

A happy customer

I was asked on a Friday to rewrite an advertising mailout for a health professional whose native language is not English. He was offering a free deal to car owners. What he wrote was OK but it didn’t zing. I was able to rewrite his copy in a way that connected the writer/client and the readers/customers better. And it was done by Monday, the next working day.

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Need more information?

For fast and reliable copywriting, editing and proofreading, please contact us to discuss your requirements.