Memoirs and Life Stories

Preserve your story!

Many people get to the end of their lives and regret that they did not leave a legacy. One of the most rewarding ways to do this is to record your life story.

Everyone has an interesting story – but not everyone is interested enough to tell it. Don't be that person!

At Creative Text Solutions, we value the stories, experiences and knowledge of the older generations. We believe it is culturally vital to preserve the life stories of the elders in our community.

The process of writing and publishing a memoir is easier than ever! Creative Text Solutions is a self-publishing advice hub that can get your life story from manuscript to market.

Our achievements in this field were recognised in 2017 when our editing and publishing a 93-year-old's memoirs was short-listed for the inaugural Rosanne Fitzgibbon Award.

What we can do for you

We can record, interview and write the life story of your loved ones. You'll hear them speaking in their own words. 

We edit memoirs that have already been written to publication standard.

We advise on publishing options, from bound photocopies for family members to book printing and marketing for a wider readership.

One Happy Memory package

Think of a special event – a significant birthday, a 50th wedding anniversary. At the celebrations, do you ever hear the story behind the achievement? Wouldn't it make the occasion richer if everyone could share in that story?

This is why I have created One Happy Memory. I will interview, record and write the story of one life-changing event that all your family and friends can enjoy. 

A happy customer

'I had no idea that writing Mum’s story would be so easy! Now she’s in aged care, Mum wanted to pass her story on to us and the grandkids. We talked about writing it ourselves but we’re all so busy, nothing happened. Then I met Susan Pierotti of Creative Text Solutions. Susan is amazing! She had the patience and the skill to draw stories out of Mum that she’d forgotten about. She wrote it up and has presented us with a legacy of Mum that will last beyond her lifetime. Everyone should do this!'

David Foldi (Digital Document Solutions)

I am a member of Life Stories Australia 

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