Losing My Parents: stories for dementia carers

 Here's what people are saying about Losing my Parents:

 This is a book for everyone: entertaining, even-handed, amusing and informative, a great   read, a page turner. For anyone who is in the situation of caring for elderly relatives who   suffer from a degenerative disease of old age, it has to be essential reading.

 Dr Elizabeth Kleinhenz, author of 'Germaine: the life of Germaine Greer'

 Susan’s stories are hilarious! I first read them as I was going to bed and the tears were   running down my cheeks. I have just reread them and it's difficult to see the letters on the   keypad of my phone because I’m still crying with laughter.

 She is very observant and her stories, I am sure, will help other people cope   with parents   or partners with dementia and maybe lessen their frustration by making them look at the   funny side of it.

Peggy Cochrane, wife of husband with dementia

Thank you for writing this amazing book! So close to home and so positive in its outlook.

Marianne Rothschild, caring for parents with dementia

Many people reach their fifties to discover they now become the parent to their parents. This collection of short stories records the pain of seeing intelligent, capable people becoming more mentally feeble day by day, and of the sorrow of being unable to help them. As reflected in the title, themes of loss for carers and sufferers predominate: loss of capacity, loss of friends and family, loss of a working life, of energy, time and motivation. One feels alone, and there is very  little to laugh about.

 All carers of dementia sufferers will relate to the incidents and situations described: losing hearing aids, shopping, sibling tensions, medical appointments and family gatherings. The underlying grief of each story is embraced with humour and compassion. If you are struggling caring for a dementia sufferer, give yourself a break. Read these stories and enjoy a guilt-free chuckle.

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