Molto AUSTA: a historical overview of the Australia Strings Association

The Australian Strings Association (AUSTA) has a diverse membership of teachers, students, players and makers of stringed instruments.
AUSTA began with a few enthusiastic string teachers at a seminar in 1975. It rapidly developed thriving chapters in all states, delivered workshops and conferences, and organised tours by overseas guest artists and tours overseas by AUSTA members.
It has survived chapter closures, falling membership numbers and financially straitened circumstances. Its members have learnt new skills and adapted to modern technology and global virus outbreaks. It has supported remote and regional members. Most of all, it has brought string professionals of all kinds together in a unique collegiate environment. Friendships have been maintained over forty years, and profound respect across many generations.
Using archival materials and live interviews, author Susan Pierotti has assembled a themed history of AUSTA, an association that all its members can be proud of.

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