Business Content Services

Make it easier for your customers to choose you!

All businesses nowadays need an online presence, whether it be a website, social media, blogs or a newsletter. Creative Text Solutions offers an integrated service that aligns with your brand and targets your ideal customer.

Website content

Does your website attract your ideal client first time, every time?

Does your website show that you identify your client's pain and can solve their problem?

Do people come to your site but not buy?

SEO will get people to your site, but content will make them buy. That means you need superior wordsmithing to grab the attention of your ideal customer.


A newsletter is a 'tap on the shoulder' to remind customers or infrequent clients about you. 

Social media

LinkedIn is where you position yourself to other businesses you want to work with. Facebook is where you build a sense of community and where your customers can get news quickly. Creative Text Solutions writes content suitable for each platform.


A short link to your blogs can be posted on social media; the blog is posted onto your website as a lead magnet. This is where you tell the stories: how you solve problems, the latest research, how you are ahead of the competition - and why.

A happy customer

By working with Susan and Creative Text Solutions, I was able to finally move past the mental block I had been agonising over for months about what to put on my webpage. Susan helped me highlight what was important to have on my page for the best results and created a cohesive presentation out of my disjointed notes. Susan devoted a generous amount of time to our initial conversation and followed up frequently to see if she could be of further help. 

Counsellor (anonymous by request)

For a business content package tailored your your business's specific requirements, contact us for an initial one-hour discussion.


Need more information?

For fast and reliable copywriting, editing and proofreading, please contact us to discuss your requirements.