I want to write a book but don't know how!

Does a burning desire to write a book light a fire in your belly? Have you already begun to write but self-doubts have conquered your self-confidence? Do you have all the material ready to write but don’t know how to assemble it together?

I wrote Manuscript to Market to answer these very questions, and more. I’m an editor who polished others’ books for publication. I never in a million years thought that I would write a book, yet I’ve now published four. I know what it feels like to write and then hand over my hours of inspiration (and perspiration) to someone else to get feedback from. Will they like it? Will they loathe it?

I wrote Manuscript to Market in response to a number of prompts.

The first came from a business colleague. He said if I was going into business as a book editor, I’d better write a book to show I knew what I was talking about. So, for all you businesspeople out there, let me tell you – writing a book is a business card on steroids! I have sold so many of my books to prospective authors and they now think I’m an expert. Am I the only book editor around, or even the best? No, but I’m the only one they have met who can tell them what they need to know. This adds to my credibility and their reassurance. So, if you’re in business and want a product that does the marketing work for you, write a book. (How do you do that? Read mine!)

The second prompt came from my first-time author clients. They had great stories, engaging characters and dramatic plotlines, but few knew how to construct a good story arc with appropriate pace, many didn’t know who they were writing for, and marketing ... well, isn’t that what the publisher does? Knowing how little some of these authors know about the book publishing world but understanding how they feel about their work motivated me to help them.

Every author I have worked with regards their book (rightly) as if it were their baby – precious, delicate, valuable. This gave me the structure for my book. From birth of your baby (where the idea is in the head) to going to school (finding your editor) to dressing up (cover design, layout) and graduating (publishing), Manuscript to Market is a step-by-step guide to get the idea in your head to a book in the hand.

Available at https://www.creativetext.com.au/pages/book/manuscript-to-market.


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