Language to avoid when communicating during the pandemic (and what to use)

As we slowly come out of lockdown, the economic effects of the pandemic won’t go away any time soon, and that means the right communication strategy will be critical in revitalising business across the country. 

And what will effective communication look like? It’s all about understanding the importance of language. Now more than ever, how you choose to communicate is going to be the difference between a customer tuning in or not. 

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Here are the words or phrases you should avoid using: 

fear, uncertain times, crisis, survival, dying, bankruptcy, failing, unprecedented

As the pandemic began, these words became commonplace in marketing communications. It was businesses’ way of showing empathy for the genuine feelings that everyone had at the time. 

But now, it’s fair to say negativity doesn’t have the same effect. We’ve all battle-hardened, all but desensitised to the negativity that’s been thrown around over the last few months. If your business continues to run on the fear and uncertainty narrative, expect your customers to see you as ill-prepared and will tread with caution. 

Here’s what you should say instead:

positive, optimism, opportunity, hope, thrive, benefits, success, togetherness, partnership

I know, you’ve been told that fear equals engagement in the media, that’s human nature...Right? That might be normal but (and forgive me for dragging out this cliche) these aren’t normal times. 

Putting a positive spin on the situation, we’re in and what’s to come will help your customers perceive you in the right way. Consumers are looking to regain their confidence and require a strong positive message from the market to galvanise them. 

So, is your business regurgitating tired cliches, or communicating in a way that will actually bring your customers back? 

If you’d like to keep your communications up to speed with this unique economic climate, I’m here to help.

Contact me and let’s work together to cut through the clutter and keep in touch with your customers. 


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