Introducing our COVID Comms Pack

Business owners, are you swamped with work right now?

Stuck doing Jobkeeper applications? 

Pushing to get your construction projects done before the roads fill up again? 

Or making sure remote work doesn’t hurt your efficiency?  

No time for marketing? 

While you might be busy now, businesses still need to communicate with their customers. Before, it might have been as simple as “we’re still open” and listing the relevant safety precautions. 

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But, as we adjust to a “new normal”, it’s going to get more complicated than that. 

You should already know the importance of continually promoting your brand and staying in touch with customers, prospects and your wider community. 

But often when business owners get busy, marketing becomes sacrificial. 

Neglecting your marketing in favour of more time to complete jobs might help you keep on top of things in the short term, but what about in the months to come when the leads start drying up? If you stop your marketing now, it’s going be an uphill battle to get it going again. 

That’s why I’ve created a Coronavirus Communications Pack. The pack will help you stay in touch with your community while you focus on what matters most to you, ensuring the steady flow of business continues as the economy opens up again. 

The pack includes: 

  • 4 blogs a month 
  • Social media posts
  • Full editing and publishing service

To get your marketing back on track, get in contact with me today. 


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