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Why I became a life story professional

I love telling people’s stories. It gives them a sense of identity in the telling and it shows them that their lives have meaning.

Donít leave it too late Ė get your parentsí stories written now!

Coronavirus has not gone away, it will return and there will be more lockdowns. Will you allow your elderly ones to leave a legacy or become a statistic?

4 way to increase lead generation via your web content

There are many components on a website that convert seekers into customers. However, what triggers people to buy from you website is what you have written on it. Writing with these 4 tips will increase the lead generation on your website.

4 handy hints on best business writing practice

These 4 handy writing hints will help launch a new product or service and attract new customers. Now, more than ever, is the time for marketing yourself! 

One Happy Memory special offer!

Stories help us stay connected, and it’s that connection and sense of purpose that is especially important to our elderly loved ones. My "One Happy Memory" package special Christmas ofer will record an important event in the life of your loed one that will last beyoond their lifetime.


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