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The one big regret I have regarding my parents

My mother and father are both suffering from dementia.

It hurts me and my family, of course, but we’ve just had to accept it. One of the things that I regret is not recording my parents’ stories when they were fully capable of sharing...

One Happy Memory

Many of us have elderly relatives who are sitting on a gold mine of life experience. Preserve one of their treasured memories for years to come by getting it written down.

Elder Abuse - One way to prevent it from happening

Old age is filled with challenges. Our bodies begin to slow down, our mind is often not so sharp, and our strength begins to fade away. We get more wrinkles, our sight and hearing get worse, and often our life becomes slower and less adventurous.

Everyone pretty much knows all of that, but there’s something that happens to a lot of old people that isn’t talked about enough. That’s elder abuse...

How to attract amazing clients with a powerful website

Put yourselves in the shoes of your clients. Why are they looking at your site? Because they are wanting to know if you understand their problem and can solve it – as simple as that!

Owners of start-ups, solepreneurs and experienced professionals launching out on their own often make the same mistake: ‘But I can do everything!’ Consequently, they overload their site with every widget, product and service they provide, overwhelming the client with information, features and special offers.

In fact, less is more.


Loneliness: The hidden epidemic that hurts elderly people and what to do about it

At Creative Text, I get a chance to sit down with these people, listen to their stories and put their moments down into writing so they will last forever. 


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