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Does your web content need more ZING?

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Which one are you?

The procrastinator: You've paid for the website but feel daunted about writing your content. So the site sits there, empty.

The bookkeeper: Your new website was expensive so you save time and money by writing your own content. After all, you know your product better than anyone, right?

The enthusiast: You're really excited about your business so you overload potential customers by writing about everything you do and offer on the home page.

If you bought diamonds, would you thread them together with wire, or take them to a jeweller to string them properly? If you had a Ferrari, would you tinker with it yourself, or take it to an experienced mechanic?

You have only 5 seconds to impress someone with your website. That’s less time that it takes to walk past a shop window and decide if you want to go in. Your home page is the shop window of your website, so make sure it has impact.

An experienced content writer will make your web content ZING!


At Creative Text Solutions, we know how to tell your story to clinch that sale! Our website content packages are designed to suit all businesses. Payment plans are available to accommodate limited finances.


  • Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy pages are required by law.
  • SEO words must be provided by client.
  • Additional charges apply for each extra page, including all in drop-down menus.
  • Invoice will be sent to client, not website developer.
  • Web content will be sent to client for approval, then website developer. CTS is not responsible for change in content after this point.
  • Payment plans are available upon request

Case Study for Website Content Writing

A husband-and-wife team were updating the website content of two businesses, one for buying cars and the other providing financial services. I was asked to provide better content. I looked at their existing sites: their marketing was easily identifiable and their message was clear, but having been written by non-native English speakers, the wording was clumsy and some of the information didn’t make sense. 
There was a lot to do and they wanted it done quickly. They thought that only the home pages needed rewriting but I realised that every page needed an overhaul. They agreed to my writing website content for both sites. In two weeks I had not only written the home pages but also the Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and 20 subordinate pages, each one with SEO words (which improves the sites' rankings in search engines). I was also able to give the clients advice on formatting (fonts and colours) to make the sites more readable and attractive.

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