5 crucial reasons to publish your memoirs

Writing one’s memoirs has become a booming industry. If you have ever thought that your story was unimportant, boring or not relevant, read on. You may change your mind!

5 benefits of self-publishing

Self-publishing gives you freedom of choice, and publishing your own book is now easier than ever. It costs time and money, however, so you may be hesitant to try it. Here are five benefits that may persuade you to self-publish.

Editor sacked!!

A tongue-in-cheek account of what a book editor does

What writing a book will do for your business

A business book will change your business. I launched my book just over a year ago. I’m going to show you what a business book did for my business

5 false fears about hiring an editor

Authors need editors. If you intend to publish, not working with an editor could harm your professional reputation, your credibility and the sales on your book.


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