Editing lessons I have learnt from tradies #6

‘I’ve got myself in a knot. I got tangled up in my story and now I don’t know how to fix it.’ If that's you, hiring a professional editor could be the salvation of your book, life story or in fact any piece of long-form writing you are embarked upon.

Editing lessons I have learned from tradies #5

Sometimes, one big writing glaring error hides a number of other minor ones. But your subconscious brain notices every single one! It tries to cope with them all, but if there are too many, it switches off. The result is you stop reading. Is this what you want to happen to readers with your writing? Check everything!

Editing lessons from tradies #4

When is a good idea not a good idea? When it isn’t relevant to your main message. Don't be carried away by fine words. Writing needs to have continuity of flow for the reader to be able to understand its full message.

Editing lessons from tradies #3

Attention to small details in your text will assist readers to keep reading what you've written.

Editing lessons from tradies #2

Consistency is vital for good written communication. It keeps your reader engaged on whatever you have written. Inconsistencies work against our brain's normal functionability which slows concentration and engagement. Hiring an editor could be your best solution.


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