One author's dream journey with traditional publishing

In this interview, author John Fahey recalls the processes of editing and publishing his book, Australia's First Spies.

What I learned from a ‘meet the author’ event

A ‘meet the author event’ is great way to market your book to a wider public. When I participated in my first meet-the-author event, I gained new readers, I sold my book and I met so many potential clients.

The priceless pearls of correct punctuation

Punctuation was invented to assist the comprehension of a passage. Punctuation is a tool of written language and, like language, its use is organic.

5 winning ways to write a book

So, you want to write a book. Does the idea of actually writing it scare you?  There are many ways you can write your book. You can collect your previous writings, use a computer or pen and paper, employ a ghost writer or record it and employ a transcriber.

How much does an editor really cost?

Editors charge by the word, the page, the project or the hour. They sometimes charge more for rush jobs and when English is not the mother tongue of the client. It depends on what you want the editor to work on, when you need it back, how many words, special formatting, editing online or paper... It is almost impossible to give a straight answer. However, how much would it cost you not to have an external assessment?


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