Four questions guaranteed to uncover precious memories

Everyone has a great story to tell, all you have to do is help them find it. 

Getting your loved one's stories out into the world can mean finding ways to bring out their long lost memories, or thoughts that may not have crossed their minds for decades.

Having spent years interviewing people from all walks of life, I have found several conversation starters that are sure-fire ways to trigger important stories.

These can include previously essential family memories and little-known stories.

So how do you get these conversations started? Here are some great questions you can ask your parents, grandparents or elderly relatives:

Where were you born?

It may seem too simple of a question: Although you probably know where they were born, asking the question can uncover some interesting memories about the time and place of their birth.  

Where did you go to school?

We know how different schools are now than in the past; our kids can’t even envision a time when there were no computers to learn on! It can also bring up memories of how they travelled to school, what their teachers were like, and that time in their lives in general. 

What were some defining moments in your life?

These can either be those memories where you remember exactly where you were hearing of a certain major event or simply a moment that changed the course of their life such as when they got their first job, got married and had their first child.

What was your favourite holiday?

You never forget your holidays, so asking about holidays will be sure to bring out some wonderful details that have stuck with them for decades.

You'd be surprised how even simple questions about their childhoods such as what they would typically wear around the house or to school can reveal about people's entire lives.

I've found that those common questions can turn into extraordinary responses, as things older people may take for granted as a regular aspect of life would be foreign to the younger generations. 

For example, chicken used to be a special food you only had on Christmas!

Simple questions spark amazing memories, and amazing memories make for great stories. Find out more by contacting us here.


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