Explained: Why older people are the best storytellers

"When an old man dies, a library burns to the ground."

Ancient African Proverb

After years of taking a deep dive into my passion for helping the elderly share their stories, it was no surprise for me to find that according to science, it’s a fact that older people are the best storytellers.

A study by the European Journal of Cognitive Psychology showed that while older people are often hindered by a decline in working memory, they more than make up for this with an exceptional storytelling ability that proves the adage: the older you get, the wiser you become.

When a group of college students was asked to recall recorded stories from people of disparate age groups, they overwhelmingly remembered more of the stories told by older individuals.

There are a few reasons this could have been the case:

  • Researchers speculate that the characteristics of older people's voices are better suited to conveying oral information. 
  • Younger people have an association with older people telling them stories as it’s thought such might evoke memories of their own grandparents telling them stories when they were younger. 
  • The conscious attempt of older people to make stories as entertaining as possible, even if it means shunning objective accuracy to do so. 

So it may be in part a self-fulfilling prophecy, but it's a confirmed scientific fact that older people are the best storytellers!

Besides older people loving to tell stories, they also love to feel valuable. And what better way to give them that sense of importance than letting them star in their own story?!

Sometimes, it takes someone who has the time to get to know them to bring out their best stories. This is why I help the elderly write their memoirs. Not only do we create a professionally published memento that will be with your family for generations to come, we also make sure the story creation process is a fun and memorable experience!

Build the legacy your elderly loved ones deserve and get in contact with me today!


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