Editing lessons I have learnt from tradies #6

With apologies to all the good tradies out there)

Looking at this picture, you could assume it is one big mess. What were the tilers thinking of when they said this project was completed!

However, all it needs is a simple fix. Swapping two of the patterns plus a few tweaks will have this floor looking as it should.

Occasionally an author says to me, ‘I’ve got myself in a knot. I got tangled up in my story and now I don’t know how to fix it.’ It’s usually when they are writing something personal like their own life story. They have included so many details that detract from the main story, that clutter the page with details, that send the reader down false trails. Conversely, they can be left with a few tiny paragraphs in a tiny chapter flanked by excessively long ones. The subject matter doesn’t flow and the reader is floundering between chapters, trying to make sense of what the author is wanting to describe.

Hiring a professional editor could be the salvation of your book, life story or in fact any piece of long-form writing you are embarked upon. Editors are an author’s best friend. We are your first readers and can be honest yet encouraging about what you’ve written. We are great at uncluttering, untangling the mess and seeing where subject matter could be placed for better comprehension and flow.

If you’re getting stuck with your writing, call a professional editor.


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