4 handy hints on best business writing practice

Are you a business owner wanting to launch a new product or service in 2021? Do you need new customers to make for Covid losses? Do your regular customers even know you’re still in business? Now, more than ever, is the time for marketing yourself!

Part of your marketing will be visual – websites, brochures, Facebook and Instagram images. These can convey a complex message in a simple photo; after all, a picture tells a thousand words. But you still need the words. So how do you increase your online presence and influence through written content?

Here are 4 tips to improve your writing so it has impact.

1 Find your voice

Did you know that everyone's voice is unique? The sound waves that are generated when we speak are so individual that they can be used as evidence in a lawsuit. It is the same when you write. You can copy someone else's style to a certain extent, but when you write from your soul, it sounds like you. That lets people into your mind and heart, which gives you influence. It makes your writing more powerful, giving it impact.

Remember why you went into business. People buy from people they relate to, and if they know your ‘why’, they will connect with you better. It will also filter out those who possibly would not become your most ideal customers.

2 Edit, edit, edit!

Hands up who never makes a typing error. Hands up those of you who are perfect spellers and have a grammatical grasp of the English language that would daunt an Oxford professor. We are human and therefore make mistakes.

However, the human brain is a marvellous organ. It can autocorrect whatever we read. Little things like writing ‘from’ instead of ‘form’ to gigantic errors can be seen with the eye but reinterpreted by our brains.

Curiously, the reader’s eye will pick up those things that our brain autocorrects. It won’t be a conscious noticing, but more of a lack of concentration while reading and disengagement with what you’ve written. The last thing you want is for potential customers to stop reading what you’ve written! There is even a direct correlation between spelling mistakes and downward sales trends, so we need not only to review our own work multiple times but to let others cast an eye over it as well, preferably a trained editor.

3 Avoid clichés and jargon

'At the end of the day, we all need to drill down to the bottom line so this company can reach for the stars.'

This says nothing and is a waste of space. When writing something, it’s tempting to copy what others have written, especially if it resonates with you. If a phrase rolls off your tongue a little too easily, try writing it a different way. ‘Whatever it takes’, ‘in the fullness of time’ – avoid clichés!

Another trap is to use industry jargon. That may sound impressive to other business owners in your particular line of work, but that’s not who you’re writing for. Will your customers be able to understand what you’ve written? Ask someone not in your workplace to cast a quick eye over what you’ve written to see if it makes sense to them. Plain English, short sentences, and in your own style is also the best way to get the best results.

4 Hire a content writer

There’s no shame in hiring someone to do your content writing for you. No one can do every single task well in any one business, and the most successful business owners are ones who have learnt to delegate.

Outsourcing one’s content writing is common practice nowadays and there are many copywriters and marketing specialists who can assist you with this. It is an expense worth considering as it will free up your time for more business activities that you’re good at and prefer to do.

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