How to attract amazing clients with a powerful website

Have you ever said (or heard) any of the following questions?

‘My website attracts the sort of client I’d rather pass on to someone else. It isn’t attracting enough of the clients I want.’

‘After all the money I spent on it, I’m not satisfied with the rate of work coming through my website.’

‘My site’s analytics show that traffic to the site is good but they move on, they look but don’t stay, and I don’t know why.’

How frustrating!

Business websites are expensive to set up and maintain. Therefore, they need to work optimally for you to get the best results. Let’s look at one simple way you can improve business results from your site.

Website windows

Let’s say you are getting married.

One thing (among many!) you will probably be looking for is a place to hold the reception. There are so many places to choose from – where do you go? You pick a few and decide to visit them.

You could judge the reception premises by its entrance. If it is drab and dusty and the staff aren’t welcoming, you leave, but if you like the ambience, you continue to look around. However, the reason you stay there is not because the room was well laid out or because you liked the menu, but because something inside you said, ‘In here, they will provide us a night of cherished memories.’

Another thing you will need to do is make a Will or make a new one as all Wills made when single are redundant from the moment you are married. You are now on the lookout for a lawyer. The lawyer won’t have a window display but he or she will hopefully have taken the time and effort to make their office atmosphere something that reassures you that this lawyer is approachable and will understand your need without focusing too much on your imminent demise!

Transferring these analogies to a website, this is what your website should do for each potential client. SEO will have led your ideal client to click on your site. Quality graphic design will ensure that they hang around a bit longer.

But what will keep them there?

What will persuade them not to clicking off your site and search some more?

What will encourage your ideal client to choose you – and not your competitor?

The power of words

Humankind has been passing information through stories since the dim recesses of time. Cavemen and women told stories  around the campfire to celebrate, to embed history and knowledge, to share information and to reinforce culture. 

In this digital world, it’s so easy to get information at the click of a mouse but much hard to feel connected. This is why we hear of online communities, Facebook tribes and so on. All people have a deep, visceral need to belong.

When people choose to work with you, they are not only giving you their business and their money but one of their most precious possessions – their trust. When they trawl through the internet, they have so many choices that their subconscious is saying, ‘Who can I trust? How will I know when I’ve met them?’

This is where the words on your website make it more powerful!

SEO will get your clients there, but your content – the stories you tell – should magnetise them.

How to make words work for you

Put yourselves in the shoes of your clients. Why are they looking at your site? Because they are wanting to know if you understand their problem and can solve it – as simple as that!

Does your website reflect that?

Owners of start-ups, solepreneurs and experienced professionals launching out on their own often make the same mistake: ‘But I can do everything!’ Consequently, they overload their site with every widget, product and service they provide, overwhelming the client with information, features and special offers.

In fact, less is more.

Your Home page should state that you identify with their pain. Try to pinpoint the question that your client, your ideal client, is asking.

Let’s pretend you’re a nutritionist who has developed a 7-step program with results proven to at least last a year. Many folks may have come and gone from your site but the customer who’s looking for a progressively staged weight loss program that has long-lasting effects will stay. If you describe how they are feeling now and how they would like to feel (the benefits, not the steps), that will persuade them to convert from a seeker to a buyer. Remember, they aren’t looking for information (the steps) but want to be reassured that you understand their pain (the battle to lose weight in a way that will last) and can solve it (looking younger, feeling healthier, having more energy). Your Home Page should show your potential client that you recognise their pain.

Your About Us page reassures them that you have authority and expertise. Don’t be afraid to tell your story. It doesn’t even have to be exclusively about the business you’re in now. People want to do business with like-minded human beings and will connect with your business because they align with your business values. Say what is important to you, your vision, what gets you out of bed in the morning to work for others. Let your personality shine through; your tone and language (chatty, formal, the choice of words you use) will pitch your business to your target market.

 Your Services/Products page(s) shows how you solve their problem. Don’t tell the world how   you  do things – why give your secrets away for free? Describe how people will feel after they   have used your services or product. And yes, this is the place for all those great testimonials from   your happy customers. By the way, have you ever noticed that testimonials invariably don’t   mention how things are done but describe feelings and results? Things like: ‘she made me feel safe through the entire process’, ‘I feel more alive’, ‘his knowledge and expertise saved us hundreds of dollars a month’. That’s because you didn’t sell them a product or service – you solved their pain!

By now, with your superior web words, they will be itching to click on your Contact Us page and become your new ideal client!



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