5 powerful proven reasons to write a business book

Writing your own book is the best way to promote you and your business. Think of it as a business card on steroids!

Whoa! Am I saying that you could be an author of a real, hold-in-the-hand book? Yes, I am.

You may have never thought about yourself as an author. After all, you may be a gardener, a financial planner, a security systems specialist. You have been in your industry many years and you are probably pre-eminent in your line of work.

How do you know you will remain there? What steps are you taking to stay at the front of the pack? Are the younger generation snapping at your heels?

Perhaps you are a young, bold, exciting entrepreneur with a vision to change the world and a business plan on how to do that. How do you know your ideas won’t be snapped up by someone else and touted as their own?

How would you like a product that would market you, provide you with income and even make you famous – while you sleep? That’s what will happen if you write a book about business – your business.

You may say, with YouTube, podcasts and the internet, that reading books is a waste of time. But did you know that printed books have increased in sales compared to e-books over the last five years?

 (credit: Tamarcus Brown, Unsplash)

Here are five winning ways a book will make you and your business a success.

1 Recorder

If you have been in business a while, you have a fund of knowledge. There are so many things we don’t learn in trade school or university that we do every day to run our businesses better. Your book could be the one that everyone reads to find out what to do. It will also record your ideas before anyone else can pinch them!

2 Educator

Here is one example of what a book can do for your business: my book, Manuscript to Market, unpacks the writing, editing, publishing and marketing processes for people wanting to know how to write a print book. It educates people who may be thinking of writing (you, for instance!) on how to get from an idea in the head to a book in the hand. Your book could be a thorough overview of your sector or an easy-to-read ‘how-to’ guide targeted to related industries.

3 Expert

If you are a tax accountant, consider how many tax accountants you know who have written a book. Now imagine how impressed your customer will be if you have a book written by you on display in the office. Believe it or not, for some reason, people think that if you are an author, you must be smarter than everyone else in your industry. So why not capitalise on that?

4 Takeaway

Your book is a tangible product. How amazed will your prospective clients be when you give them a free book at your first consultation. Far more impressive than a business card! And if you are on the public speaking circuit, or want to be, you will need a book to promote yourself. (And you’ll never have to think of what to give for Christmas!)

5 Position

Simon Sinek, Stephen Covey, Richard Branson – all have written books, none of them began as an ‘author’. Now, see if you can name a thought leader who hasn’t got a book with their name on it. Thoughts are fleeting, so if you want your words of wisdom to be permanently recorded for others to know, you will need to write a book. Podcasts, TED talks and YouTube clips are only as permanent as the software and search engine they appear on. A book can last hundreds of years.

(credit: Aaron Burden, Unsplash)

The value!

What is a book with your name on it worth to you?

You may want an extra marketing tool, you may want to put thoughts and experiences in your industry down on paper for future generations, you may want to be famous. You may just want to see your name on the front cover.

The good news is, it’s even easier to write and get published than ever before! How many times have people said to you that you should write a book? The dream of writing a book can be thrilling. If reading this has made a dream seem more of a reality, let's talk and make this happen!


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