3 tips on best writing practice

With the dawn of the internet, personal computers and social media, millions can now flood the blogosphere with words, words, words. So how do you increase your online presence and influence through your writing? There are several ways.

Statue of ShakespeareYou can write something startlingly original, you could be the next Shakespeare, or you could read copiously to imbibe good writing style. You can practise, you can join a writers' club, you can even be brave and ask your friends for their honest opinion. (You may feel like cultivating new friends after that...)

1 Find your voice

Did you know that everyone's voice is unique? The sound waves that are generated when we speak are so individual, they can be used as evidence in a law suit. It is the same when you write. You can copy someone else's style to a certain extent, but when you write from your soul, it sounds like you. That lets people into your mind and heart, which gives you influence. It makes your writing more powerful, giving it impact.

2 Edit and re-edit

Sound waves reaching the human earHands up who never makes a typing error. Hands up those of you who are perfect spellers and have a grammatical grasp of the English language that would daunt an Oxford professor. We are human and therefore make mistakes. The human brain autocorrects when we read, so we need not only to review our own work but to let others cast an eye over it as well, preferably a trained editor.

3 Avoid cliches

'At the end of the day, we all need to drill down to the bottom line so this company can reach for the stars.' Says nothing, wastes space. if a phrase rolls off your tongue a little too easily, try writing it a different way. Whatever it takes, in the fullness of time - avoid cliches!

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